Tenacious Labs provides fractional IT Management to be a a part of your organization to help with IT based business decisions and outcomes.

We provide experienced fractional IT Management on a time basis to suit your firm’s needs, saving the need to employ permanent IT Management while providing firms access to high quality, experienced, technology professionals who ensure the IT environment is aligned to the business’s needs.

Your business’s foundation rests on dependable technology. When your IT systems falter, your productivity takes a hit. Repairing technology disruptions can be time-consuming and costly, diverting resources from your core operations.

Tenacious Labs’ managed IT services are customized for businesses in Orlando, Heathrow, and Central Florida, aligning your technology with your business structure and objectives. We’ll oversee and sustain your technology systems while assisting your staff with any technology-related challenges they encounter. Through our managed IT solutions, you can trust that we will:

A Fractional IT Director offers a range of benefits, including cost reduction compared to hiring a permanent IT Director. They ensure your IT stays aligned with rapidly changing market dynamics and manage suppliers to maintain expected service quality. They implement strategic IT plans, instilling confidence in your management team’s utilization of technology for business goals. This allows your management to focus on core responsibilities rather than IT management. They conduct regular solution and contract reviews for optimal technology usage, instilling confidence in IT services and disaster recovery. Their oversight ensures your IT investment is maximized, drawing from diverse industry experience. They also supervise existing IT teams to ensure adherence to best practices.